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Social Events

At SEAS Monmouth we have many social events throughout the year, some providing sailing opportunities and some purely social. Our parties include the annual Holiday party, usually held early in January, and the annual "Trash-to-Treasure" party. This is a fund-raising event where one person's trash is another person's treasure. Members bring plenty of "trash" (used but serviceable household, art, hobby or electronics items) to be auctioned, and plenty of money to buy these "must-haves." It is a BYOB, pot-luck affair. All of our social activites can be found on our Meetings and Social Events Calendar, and are open to all members and guests.

Our Small Boat Days, all-day affairs held twice a month on Saturdays or Sundays during the sailing season, started out as sailing sessions to give our Basic Sailing graduates more practice time on the daysailers and Lasers, but before long became another opportunity for members to socialize, and maybe get a little small-boat sailing in at the same time. Small Boat Days can be found on our All-Sailing Calendar, and are also open to all members and guests.

Also on the all-sailing calendar is our annual A.J. Meerwald cruise. The 115' A.J. Meerwald, NJ's offical Tall Ship, is an authentically restored 1928 Delaware Bay oyster schooner. SEAS Monmouth charters the Meerwald every summer for a cruise along the Hudson River or in NY Harbor. Forty-five of our members and their guests enjoy an afternoon picnic before boarding the ship for a 2.5 hour sunset cruise. Once aboard, you can relax and enjoy the scenery for 2.5 hours, or volunteer to help hoist and lower the massive sails, talk to the crew, and learn more about this nautical treasure. Either way, it's a fun evening, and one of the highlights of our summer sailing season.


Besides the informal networking opportunities withing the SEAS Monmouth organization, where our members have a range of backgrounds and sailing experience, many of our members belong to other activities-oriented organizations, including the Princeton Ski Club, Sandy Hook Bay Catamaran Club, and the Jersey Shore Sea Kayak Association. In addition, we advertise our sailing activities on the Meet-up website. This gives our club a rich mixture of activity-oriented people from across the region.

"Yes, we sail, but at the heart of it we're social..."

Bob's new pillow

Bob just bought himself a pillow at the "Trash to Treasure" party. The question is, will that be his "trash" or "treasure" next year?

Meerwald fun

Hoisting the sails on the A.J. Meerwald.

Pull harder!

Another Meerwald hoisting line.