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The SEAS Monmouth Boat and Crew Passes provide you with two economical ways to share the cost of enjoying sailing on our boats. If you want to reserve a boat, you can obtain a Boat Season Pass; if you want to be part of the crew on SEAS keelboat activity sails, you can obtain a Crew Pass.

Boat Season Passes

When you obtain a Boat Season Pass, for a one-time donation (amount - see below), you are able to reserve boats for private use subject to availability of the boats (not already reserved) and Season Pass policies. There are three kinds of Boat Season Passes:

Each of the three types of boat season passes allows unlimited use 7 days a week, subject to availability.

A few additional details that you should know when you reserve a keelboat (or a daysailer) using your Boat Season Pass:

Be sure to read the Season Pass policies to acquaint yourself with the details of their use.

Crew Passes

Crew Passes are an economical way to share the cost for sailing as a crew member on SEAS Monmouth keelboat activity sails. Essentially, it gives you five sails for the same donation of four. You get a Crew Pass for 4 x the activity sail suggested donation (see below) at any time, and it's good for 5 sails. Plus, you have the convenience of not making donations on the boat.

Donation Details

The table below gives the suggested donations for the various types of passes. To order, just fill out the Boat Season Pass application form or the Crew Pass application form and send it with your donation to the SEAS treasurer at the address on the form. You can also make your donation payment online.

SEAS Monmouth Passes
Boat Skipper Season Passes Crew Passes
SEAS The Breeze
(includes SEAS The Moment and daysailers)
7-day: $600 ($520 till 4/15; $570 till 5/15) 5 sails: $120
SEAS The Moment
(includes daysailers)
7-day: $350 ($305 till 4/15; $330 till 5/15) 5 sails: $100
Daysailers 7-day: $150