Society for the Education of American Sailors - We're All About Sailing

SEAS Monmouth is a "do it yourself" organization when it comes to fleet and trailer maintenance. We schedule many work sessions at which we do maintenance, repair and upgrades on the equipment. We rely on members who have expertise and experience in areas such as engine repair, fiberglass work, sail and canvas sewing, and so on. But we also welcome members with no particular experience beyond a willingness to pitch in, help out, and learn how to do various jobs. Many of the "experts" in the club learned by attending work sessions and helping someone else get something done. We do have some professional tradespeople in the club, but the majority of us got our training "on the job" - at SEAS. So check out the Boat Maintenance calendar and show up at a work session! Also, check out photos of a work party to prepare and launch the small boats.