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Membership (individual, family, student) is effective from January 1 through December 31st of a given year. If a member joins on or after September 1, the membership carries over to the following year. Family membership online is for 2 people, but if there are more than 2 people in a family, a paper form is currently required and the fee is $10 for each additional family member. Youth memberships (age 14 and up) are available if a part of an individual or family membership. Contact the membership chairperson for instructions.

Supported Browsers:

Please note that older browsers are not supported, including the following:

  • Internet Explorer

Supported browsers are below. Please note that we strongly recommend using the latest version update as often as possible.

  • Chrome (All Computers)
  • Edge (Windows)
  • Firefox (All Computers)

Membership Renewal

Renewing your existing membership is easy. Navigate to the Membership Renewal page to get started.

  • You will be asked for your email address and password. Enter your information and click Login. If you have never changed your password, use your street number + your last name (first letter capital). For example, if you are Mary Smith and you live at 12 Main St, your password is 12Smith. After your initial login your login session is saved, your profile will be displayed without logging in. If you do not want your profile to be displayed without login, then click the Logout button when you are done with editing and payment. It is recommended that you logout if you are on a public computer.
  • Click on Edit Profile to check your Member Profile information for accuracy and update as necessary. If this is a family membership, make sure the second member's information is entered in the Profile section, otherwise you won't be able to renew. Click on Update profile, if changes were made (or click Back). Click on Renewal when ready to renew, choose your membership type (single or family), electronically sign the form (2 signatures for family), select payment form Online or Check (yes, payment by check is still available and is to be mailed to the Treasurer with note: membership renewal), then click on the Finish and Pay button. If paying online, this takes you to a screen where you decide how to pay - by PayPal, PayPal Credit or other credit card.
  • Changing your password currently is done by contacting the membership chairperson (see below).

New Memberships

To get started navigate to the New Membership form.

Choose the membership type (single, family or student), fill in your information, and electronically sign the form (two signatures are needed for family). Then select the form of payment and click on the Finish and Pay button. You can pay by PayPal, credit card, or by mailing in a check, as described above.

For any questions, password resets, or problems with online registration contact the Membership Chairperson - Renata Kaczynska at ().