Society for the Education of American Sailors - We're All About Sailing

Executive Board Members

Title Name
Commodore Karen Ruckdeschel (
Vice Commodore Lorri DeBernardis (
Past Commodore Jerry Grennan (
Secretary Teri Lawrence (
Treasurer Tony Valentino (
Trustee Stan Alterman (
Trustee Carl Boms (
Trustee Jim Buonincontri (
Trustee Ray Kimber (
Trustee Matthew Montanari (
Trustee Glenn Noe (
Trustee Vince Rogers (
Trustee Greg White (
Trustee Tom Yanas (

SEAS National Representatives

Stan Alterman, Graham Blundell, Carl Boms, Lorri DeBenardis, Jerry Grennan, Ray Kimber, Teri Lawrence, Matt Montanari, Vince Rogers, Karen Ruckdeschel, Peter Shearer ( ), Greg White

SEAS Monmouth Coordinators

Title Name
Keelboat Committee Chairperson Matt Montanari
Keelboat Dockmaster (O'Day 28 & Rhodes 22) Wendy Huang (
Keelboat Maintenenance - O'Day Matt Montanari
Keelboat Maintenenance - Rhodes 22 Mike Kunkel (
Keelboat Reservations Coordinator Bobbie McArdle (
Small Boat Reservations Coordinator Jim Buonincontri
Small Boat Commitee Chairperson (Americans, Harpoons and Lasers) Bonnie Delaney (
Small Boat Maintenance Coordinator (Americans and Harpoons) Greg White
Small Boat Maintenance Coordinator (Lasers) T.B.D.
Small Boat Dockmaster (Americans, Harpoons and Lasers) Wendy Huang
Membership Renata Kaczynska (
Skipper Certification Committee Chairperson Graham Blundell (
Newsletters and Email Notices Graham Blundell
Speaker Coordinator Joan Venezia (
Social Events T.B.D.
Website Administration Sergey Gleizer (