Society for the Education of American Sailors - We're All About Sailing

Executive Board Members

Title Name
Commodore Karen Ruckdeschel ()
Vice Commodore Lorri DeBernardis ()
Past Commodore Jerry Grennan
Secretary Teri Lawrence ()
Treasurer Tony Valentino (
Trustee Stan Alterman ()
Trustee Carl Boms ()
Trustee Jim Buonincontri (
Trustee Ray Kimber ()
Trustee Matthew Montanari ()
Trustee Glenn Noe ()
Trustee Vince Rogers ()
Trustee Greg White ()
Trustee Sergey Gleizer ()

SEAS National Representatives

Stan Alterman, Graham Blundell, Carl Boms, Lorri DeBenardis, Ray Kimber, Teri Lawrence, Matt Montanari, Vince Rogers, Karen Ruckdeschel, Peter Shearer (), Greg White

SEAS Monmouth Coordinators

Title Name
Keelboat Committee Chairperson Matt Montanari
Keelboat Dockmaster (Catalina 30' & Rhodes 22) Wendy Huang ()
Keelboat Maintenenance - Catalina Matt Montanari
Keelboat Maintenenance - Rhodes 22 Mike Kunkel ()
Keelboat Reservations Coordinator Bobbie McArdle ()
Small Boat Reservations Coordinator Jim Buonincontri
Small Boat Commitee Chairperson (Americans, Harpoons and Lasers) Bonnie Delaney ()
Small Boat Maintenance Coordinator (Americans and Harpoons) Greg White
Small Boat Maintenance Coordinator (Lasers) T.B.D.
Small Boat Dockmaster (Americans, Harpoons and Lasers) Wendy Huang
Membership Renata Kaczynska ()
Skipper Certification Committee Chairperson Graham Blundell ()
Newsletters and Email Notices Graham Blundell
Speaker Coordinator Joan Venezia ()
Social Events T.B.D.
Website Administration Sergey Gleizer ()